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From Start to $200K in 18 Months


A 35-year-old entrepreneur with no prior experience in property investment.

Sought to diversify income streams and build long-term wealth.

The Journey:

  1. Referred to Dax Stanley by a satisfied client and scheduled a meeting to learn about the secret methodology.

  2. Conducted in-depth market research to identify high-potential investment opportunities.

  3. Acquired a strategically located, undervalued property in an up-and-coming area.

Followed the detailed investment and development plan provided by Dax Stanley's team.

Collaborated with local experts and developers to streamline the permitting and construction process.


Generated a $200K profit within 18 months, without even starting the construction.

Established a strong foundation for future property investments.

Client 2 & 3: $75K Windfall in Just 2 Months


Two friends, both 40 years old, with limited experience in real estate investment.

Aimed to capitalize on local property growth for quick returns.

The Journey:

  1. Referred to Dax Stanley by a mutual client and had a meeting to gain insight into the secret methodology.Analyzed the local property market to pinpoint rapidly appreciating areas.

  2. Purchased two undervalued properties in a booming neighborhood with a high demand for rental properties.

  3. Implemented strategic improvements to the properties to enhance their value and appeal.

  4. Leveraged expert knowledge of the rental market to set competitive rental rates and attract quality tenants.


Generated a $200K profit within 18 months, without even starting the construction.

Established a strong foundation for future property investments.

Our team stays ahead of market trends and invests in strategic property hotspots. We translate this expertise into actionable strategies for you.

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Case Study: Jill and Greg's Property Investment Journey with Hera Property Group

Before Hera Property Group:

Jill and Greg were your everyday Australian couple, with dreams of financial independence and a secure future. They understood the potential of property investment but were navigating blindly through the complex world of real estate. Their efforts to locate a profitable investment property had been frustrating and fruitless. They felt overwhelmed with information, and their lack of industry-specific knowledge made it hard to determine the best course of action.

Engaging Hera Property Group:

Everything changed when they discovered Hera Property Group. Jill and Greg were initially drawn to Hera's client-focused approach and industry-leading expertise. After their first consultation, they knew they'd found a partner who would prioritize their financial goals and guide them towards successful property investment.

The Transformation:

Hera Property Group first helped Jill and Greg understand their investment capacity and formulate a clear and customized investment strategy. By leveraging Hera's extensive network and comprehensive market insights, they were able to find and acquire high-growth potential properties that perfectly suited their financial goals and risk tolerance.


Fast forward to today, Jill and Greg are the proud owners of a robust property portfolio valued at over $2 million. With Hera Property Group's continued guidance and strategic planning, they've seen their investments grow exponentially.


"The journey with Hera has been life-changing. We went from struggling first-time investors to confident property owners, all thanks to Hera. They turned our dreams into reality, and for that, we are forever grateful."

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